About APNG Camp

The Asia Pacific Next Generation Camp is an arena in which future leaders of the digital society in the Asia Pacific region gather to build a human network and learn from each other. Pioneers of digital society also participate in this camp as senior mentors to nurture the next generation. Participants of the camp work together to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals [ref] through mutual cooperation, knowledge sharing and promoting activity for Next Generation through the APNG Camp for a sustainable future. 

The APNG Camp has offered resources and discussions for multi-stakeholders from different regions to challenge digital divide. The APNG Camp has also helped people to think about digital society from the Asia Pacific perspectives. Keeping the fact in our mind that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, activities at the APNG Camp not only empower the Next Generation but also bond and strengthen relationships among senior leaders and the youth to share the visions for digital society in the Asia Pacific and beyond. 

The first APNG Camp was held in Bangkok in February 2002 and contributed to nurturing the next generation leaders in the Internet area until it’s 14th camp in Seoul in August 2012.  

Past APNG camp participants become organizers of the future camps. Its legacy has continued through the active participation of younger generations in different organizations of AP*. The alumni of APNG Camp, who became leading engineers, entrepreneurs, government officials, policymakers, civil society activists, and academics, want to expand the scope of APNG Camp from the Internet society to digital society and revive it as an arena for the next generation of leaders in the Asia Pacific region.