Call for Papers

The Asia Pacific Next Generation (APNG) welcomes presentation proposals for the 15th APNG Camp organized by the APNG local host in Manila, Philippines. This online event will run from 25 to 27 February 2022.

Key Dates
Call for presentations opens: 03 October 2021
First round acceptance: 15 December 2021
Final deadline for submission: 07 Januray 2022
Final round acceptance: 15 January 2022


Adapting to the new normal through online learning and e-services in health, and education.

For almost two years now, the world has had to do things differently. The COVID-19 outbreak forced educational institutions to shift towards online learning. This emphasized the importance of technology, especially in the education sector. The pandemic disrupted traditional economic activities and created a new world of work. Innovative ways of doing business developed in response to lockdowns and quarantines. Adaptive protocols and apps helped prevent the overload of the healthcare system and workforce. The Internet has been crucial to continued social interactions and services amidst the new challenges around the world.

Presentation Material

Presentation materials for the APNG Camp should be in line with one of the following topics:

ONLINE EDUCATION – initiatives, applications, or Internet technologies that enable students, teachers, parents, and school administration to make online classes more effective and efficient. This includes tools, software and processes used for online learning, webinars, online workshops, conferences, and expos.

HEALTHCARE – health-related initiatives, projects, and Internet technologies that mitigate and improve the condition of individuals and organizations as they address the pandemic. This includes programs implemented to help ease the unexpected influx of patients in hospitals and efficiently manage limited resources.

OTHER RELATED TECHNOLOGIES AND POLICIES – other ways and means by which private and public organizations have adjusted their traditional operations to protect and ensure safe and secure implementation of procedures. This includes blockchain, digital badges, online payments, and online donation platforms.

We welcome diverse presentation formats from academic research papers to case studies, projects in progress, and creative products such as posters and videos.


Presentation proposals must include draft slides. The program committee will not review submissions without draft slides. Work-in-progress proposals are acceptable. Please send the most current information available at the time of submission. All draft slides submitted for review must be in PDF or PPTX format only. If your presentation requires other file formats such as an image or video, please embed them in the PPTX.

Presentations will be published on the camp website. Final slides must be provided one week before the camp starts. Presentation slots may be filled before the final submission deadline. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as they are ready.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to cfp[at]apngcamp[dot]asia